We live in a kind world. Maybe not everyone feels that way, but when we stop and notice, and send that energy out into the universe ourselves we see more and more of it and we will notice it far easier if that is what we are consciously looking for.

Speaking of kindness, something wonderful and unexpected just came in our Cakewalk mailbox! Lily and I spoke at a book club recently. We enjoyed these ladies so much and their enthusiasm about our mission to help as many teens as possible live with more ease, confidence, and joy. It warmed our hearts and helped us to know that we are moving in the right direction. The host of the book club that evening sent us a donation, one that will make a very big difference in reaching more teens/tweens! We are thrilled and so very appreciative of this kind gift and looking forward to putting it to good use by donating books to schools and creating opportunities for teens where it will benefit our audience directly! It is so exciting!!

With immense appreciation we honor that kindness and send it out into the universe knowing that there is kindness everywhere and people are amazing!