What the heck is alignment anyway?


It is a question that can feel BIG and often elusive.  In a nutshell, alignment is the state of being where you feel and know who you really are.  It’s the you that showed up here and said; “Heck yeah, let’s do this thing called life”. We often get so busy in living day to day, we forget to pay attention to our inner-selves and remember who we really are. We often pay attention to what is not going well, attracting more of that, and then we cannot possibly connect to who we are, and we end up feeling empty and unfulfilled. No fun but we all spend time there more often than we would like. So, what does that look like and how do you know when you are in alignment?

Alignment can be recognized in many ways:

~It is those moments when you just know something for sure.

~It is that deep connection with your-self, when you love, know you are loved, and recognize that you are love.

~It is a feeling of peacefulness regardless of what is going on.

~It is knowing deep down that all is well.

~It is feeling excited about something.

~It is that feeling of taking a deep breath and knowing you are truly present.

~It is a true smile from within.

~It is seeing the goodness in someone else.

~It is the satisfied feeling you get when you help someone else.

~It is laughter.

~It is silliness.

~It is feeling totally carefree and at ease.

~It is having an “aha” moment.

~It is hearing God/The Universe whisper to you.

~It is pure; “nothing can be better than this” ~ joy.

So how do we tap into our inner-selves and experience alignment on a regular; meaning daily, hourly, as often as possible, basis? (Because that is what we are meant to experience.) The good news is that choosing to practice alignment is quite simple.

Here are a few ways to tap into alignment:

*Meditation ~ Clearing our minds of thoughts and clutter is one of the very best ways to open ourselves up to our highest level of awareness and tapping into who we are. There are many ways of doing this practice. It can be as simple as consciously taking breaths in and out for a minute or two or finding a meditation practice online or in person.

*Breathe ~ A great exercise is to breathe in saying; “Present Moment”, and out saying; “Happy Moment”. Do this until you feel calmness take over.

*Do something you love; dance, sing, doodle, stretch, run, walk in nature, close your eyes or take a quick nap. Even if for just a few minutes brings us in touch with our best selves. Put these activities on repeat as often as possible.

*Practice noticing moments of joy or peace every day. Even just saying to yourself; “This is a really good moment”.  It is when we forget to pay attention to these things that we lose sight of who we are.

*Write it down. Start a Joy Journal, a Gratitude Journal, a Happy Handbook; whatever feels good to you and start noting the good stuff. It’s out there every day if you pay attention.

And because what you pay attention to grows, you will attract and notice more and more that life really is wonderful, and you are tuned in to your inner-being… and that is the experience of being in alignment!

Seriously…Life is FUN!


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